VETERANS DAY Flag Ceremony

By: Julia Stapleton

Albemarle Plantation residents are always proud to honor our veterans, but this year there was an especially fine ceremony. Not only were there several residents (retired and active duty) in uniform to participate in the flag raising ceremony, but Frank Wal was honored with a special tribute acknowledging his service to our country during WWII.

Our patriotic community gathered at the Flag Circle on November 11, 2019, at 8 a.m. to sing the national anthem, raise the US, NC state, and AP flags, and to celebrate our distinguished veterans who have reached the age of 80. The Colonial Quilt Lovers Guild provided beautiful handmade quilts for each of the distinguished veterans. Plus Melanie Bonanza, on behalf of the Guild, presented a very special quilt to Frank Wal.

The entire event was led by Walt Smith, aided by Tom Koelzer, who provided the music and other audio support, and Dick Carlson providing moral support. Thank you to all who participated for a splendid and memorable ceremony. Thank you to the talented Colonial Quilt Lovers Guild.








Plantation Participants:

Melanie Bonanza
Terri Clark
Nancy Escheman
Patty Walsh

Distinguished Veterans:

Bill Jackson
Mel Harder
Al Krepela
George Sarno
Joel Eaton
Dick Carlson
Marc Rivard
Ted Kinne
Frank Wal
Don Johnson