SOUND SPORTS CLUB NEWS: 6th Annual Pondfest

By: Pat Reilly

On Saturday morning, July 6th, 44 kids (from 20 families) ranging in age from 2 to 17 gathered on the shore of the large front pond to participate in the 6th Annual Pondfest. This was the largest turnout in the history of this Sound Sports Club- sponsored event.

This fishing event, open to all Albemarle Plantation residents’ children, grand-children, nieces, nephews, etc. has become part of Albemarle Plantation’s 4th of July tradition, along with the golf cart parade and fireworks.

The Sports Club provided bait, hooks, floats, and refreshments, as well as loaner fishing equipment and prizes for all. While every par-ticipant was able to select a prize, special recognition went to the first fish, the biggest fish, the most fish, the longest cast, and the most fun with worms. Pondfest organizers Jim Byron and Reg Criffield, assisted by a team of volunteers, distributed the worms, helped the kids use the equipment, and ensured that all remained safe while having fun.

Lots of fish and a few turtles were caught and released back to the pond. It’s always a fun time watching the kids getting excited about their big catch or their first fish. Seeing all those smiles was a great way to start the Independence Day festivities.