The Inner Banks describes the inland coastal region of eastern North Carolina, an area that complements the popular Outer Banks tourist beaches that bound it to the east.

The Inner Banks comprises over 3,000 miles of inland coastline and is home to over 2.5 million residents. Traditionally dependent on agriculture and the textile industry, eastern North Carolina is undergoing an economic evolution by redefining the region’s strengths to transition into the new global economy. Six towns in the Inner Banks – Ayden, Edenton, Hertford, Murfreesboro, Plymouth and Tarboro – have joined together in the Creative Communities Initiative, working to strengthen the region’s economy by fostering an environment attractive to knowledge workers, artists, and other people working in the creative economy.

Living in the Inner Banks region means enjoying an ice cream cone while strolling around an historic downtown, or a sunset cruise with friends on Albemarle Sound, or a day at the beach.