OSPREY YACHT CLUB: Music in the Cove

By: Kim Mascolo

On July 20th the 5th Annual “Music in the Cove” again took place on our dock and in the cove on Yeopim Creek. This event is one of Osprey Yacht Club’s Boating Saturday events that are held throughout the summer. Many friends turned out to cool off on a very hot but breezy Saturday. They came by boat, kayak, jet skis, and on foot to enjoy music by DJ Gary Lico. We were lucky to have talented singers and Karaoke performers to entertain us. Tressa Stunson, Rick Arnold, Mike Gardner, Gary Lico, and I all took turns at the microphone. Some also took turns with the magical musical instruments.

This year we also had a pink flamingo and an inflatable bull. Lots of fun was had by many trying to mount and ride a very slippery bull. After a few tumbles, Janet Sandeen managed to take control and ride the bull longer than anyone else. Well done, Janet.

Skip Fisher generously provided additional floats. In addition, Skip Fisher and Tom Sheys assisted in transporting folks from their boats to the pier.