Life on the Water

Albemarle Plantation is named after Albemarle Sound, so you know that the community has a strong focus on the water. The Sound has been the centerpiece of the region since before the first European settlers made their way here, and it remains a centerpiece of daily life at Albemarle Plantation.

Residents enjoy a variety of marina activities at Albemarle Plantation, from power and sailboating to fishing and crabbing.

Albemarle Plantation’s marina facilities are amongst the largest on the eastern seaboard.

The Albemarle Sound

In 1663, Albemarle Sound was made part of the Province of Carolina by King Charles II of England and given to eight Lords Proprietors. One of these royal beneficiaries was George Monck, 1st Duke of Albemarle, for whom the sound is named.

History of Albemarle Sound

Albemarle Sound is the second largest coastal estuary in America (only the Chesapeake Bay is larger), located on the coast of North Carolina at the confluence of a group of rivers, including the Chowan and Roanoke. It is separated from the Atlantic Ocean by the Outer Banks at its eastern edge.

In 1586 the first European explorers sailed up the fifty-five mile length of the Albemarle Sound. Half a century later, the first European settlers came south from Virginia, establishing agricultural and trading colonies along the shores of the Sound. The Albemarle Sound soon became a very important thoroughfare, with small trading ships carrying cargo to and from other colonies, and larger merchant ships bringing spices, silks, and sugars from the West Indies.

We needed to be a day's drive from NYC. We kept coming back to Albemarle Plantation, as it offered everything we were looking for: ocean access via Albemarle Sound, marina, and the most beautiful, peaceful location. In our four years here, we stay busy with boating, tennis, golf, bocce, swimming, and numerous Club activities. We have been to more concerts and shows than ever before. Shopping in Hampton Roads area is superb. HOWEVER - the best feature of Albemarle Plantation are its residents. Spend time here and see why we know we made the best choice for our retirement years.

--Jerry G